A report in this paper profiles some of the India spies who are now back in their country and seeking compensation for their covert assignment in Pakistan. Just the other day Advisor to Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik’s fulminated against New Delhi shortly after Surjeet Singh divulged the secret that he was sent on a covert mission. New Delhi has its own list of spies it alleges have been sent from Pakistan and hardly a day goes by without its officials blaming it for staging the Mumbai attacks. Even as of now the jails of both the countries have plenty of folks some of them caught on dubious charges. This is a strong indictment of the state of belligerence between the two neighbours but also underscores the dangers that most people face when undertaking a visit across the border. Though there have been efforts at letting diplomacy normalise the ties it appears not much has changed. Since Mr Malik maintains that the disturbances in Karachi are a proof of India’s covert warfare, it stands to reason that he should talk about it with Indian authorities, present them with the evidence and ask for an end to such activity. Equally, it is necessary for India to talk and settle these disputes during bilateral meetings. Sabre-rattling must be avoided.