Police action against protesting doctors is well underway after failure of talks with the Punjab government. A number of patients including infants have died as a result of the strike. In Mayo Hospital for instance four doctors have been arrested for denying treatment to an infant that led to his death. With the start of criminal proceedings and detention of 60 doctors, some of the vacuum has been filled by the Army doctors. The Health department is also making new recruitments. It is quite obvious that the doctors adopted a completely unethical way to register their grievances. They could have earned more listening ears if they had kept attending to their duties alongside taking to the streets. Patients should not be left to die merely to pressurise the authorities into announcing a salary raise. This is quite cruel and goes against the very basic doctrine taught to the medical community, which is to save a life first and foremost. Leaving sick people in the lurch belittles all that the noble profession stands for. It is however sad how things spiralled out of control. The Young Doctors Association claims that their salary was not raised according to what was advertised by the Provincial government. If this was the main demand, the issue should have been settled as it was done about a year back when the doctors first went up in arms.