Former PM Yusuf Raza Gilani has said that he drunk a cup of poison like Socrates to uphold rule of law in the country although he knew that the decision was already made for disqualifying him before hand. The comparison is however not valid since Socrates was awarded death penalty by an autocratic regime which differed from the views of Socrates. Former PM was only disqualified by the Supreme Court of a democratic Government in a contempt case for not obeying the Apex Court and interpreting the Constitution to his own liking while it was the domain of the Supreme Court. He only wanted to safeguard the Co-Chairman of his party forgetting his oath of office in which he was bound to operate without fear or favour as PM. He did not realise that he was PM of 180 million people of Pakistan and not only of PPP voters. Now whatever laments he might have in prose and poetry is of no use as he did not uphold the law of land as Socrates but only to become a silent lamb to be sacrificed at the altar of presidency which led to his decline and ultimate disaster for his career.


Lahore, July 2.