WASHINGTON - Former president Pervez Musharraf has said that he will return to his home country next year to help save the failing state, even as he compared his 2001 military coup to the actions of Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War.Musharraf, during an interview published in Foreign Policy, defended the idea of military coups. He claimed that the Pakistani people were fleeing back to the military due to the failure of the country’s civilian government, and also declared that he tried valiantly as president to convince Iran to make peace with Israel and abandon its nuclear ambitions.“When the state is going down, people run to the Army to save the state. We had a dilemma: save the state in order to save the Constitution,” The Foreign Policy Magazine quoted Musharraf, as saying.“Unfortunately, the military takes over to save the state, in order to save the Constitution. This was the view of even President Abraham Lincoln,” Musharraf said.“I know that he had violated the Constitution because his responsibility was to protect the state and therefore protect the Constitution. So this has been the dilemma of Pakistan all through its history,” he added. According to the report, Musharraf stressed that the Pakistani Army today faces a similar choice.“The state is being run into the ground at the moment... and the people are again running to the military to save the country,” he said.“So it is a dilemma for the current Army chief: Should we do something unconstitutional to save the state or should we let the state go down and uphold the constitution?” he asked.