LAHORE - The PML-N Tuesday showed least interest in moving the court against the allegations on the Sharif family levelled in a book by an American as the party feels the matter is being hyped by its rivals.

The book, ‘Capitalism’s Achilles Heel’ by Raymond W Baker, alleges that the party chief Nawaz Sharif during his first government minted overall $418m through the construction of Motorway, bank rebates on sugar produced by his family-owned mills, import of wheat from US and Canada and the bank loans.

PML-N sources say the material against Nawaz Sharif is the published reports, which many times have been contradicted and the author did not give his own comments to make a point of litigation. They also say there are many other chapters in the book which highlight different politicians and eminent personalities, and there are only three pages carrying the alleged material against Sharifs. They continue as saying the book also carries portions against Benazir Bhutto and others but the detractors don’t attend to them and just singled out Nawaz Sharif.

The party leadership is fully conscious of what was published against the Sharifs as such it wants to treat the contents in actual context without leading the issue to the court of law. Where the party sources say the allegations apparently do not worth it and also for the reason that the political rivals at home, are over-forward to play up the issue for political gains.

They say if author has to be sued, the jurisdiction of the American court will need to be invoked which the party at this point of time believes, is uncalled for as they can respond to the rivals.

PML-N media coordinator and ex-incharge foreign affairs Muhammad Mehdi rubbished the allegations, saying these are merely press reports which have been denied many times.

He also said the allegations of receiving banks loans for the family concerns already stand decided by the court of law while two of them have been levelled by former Interior Minister Rahman Malik, wherein he failed to bring in any proof to substantiate his points.

He said the elections were approaching near and the rivals were afraid of the rising popularity of his party, therefore they have brought up hollow allegations which a foreign book carried way back in 2005 just as a reference.