Opposition leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said that restoration of NATO supply without a single term of Parliament resolution being accepted by the US is a sheer insult to Pakistan. In a statement on Wednesday, Ch Nisar again made it clear that once more incapability and ineffectiveness of incumbents has been badly exposed as this is not the first time. Pakistan’s security and foreign policy has undoubtedly raised many eyebrows and Pakistan has virtually become a joke in the entire world, he argued. He said that tall claims of the incumbents have gone in vain as he cannot see independence and supremacy of parliament anywhere in the country. He said if the rulers were to bow before the US than why did they stop the supply in the first place. He said the U turn by the government has destroyed the sovereignty of the parliament and integrity of the country. He underlined that PPP government reminds us of Musharraf tenure as things were the same. Musharraf had also sold out the country and now PPP did the same. He said that US apology is not enough to bring back some 38,000 innocent lives lost in drone and other attacks. He further added that US President has apologized personally to Afghanistan numerous time but still things haven’t changed a bit in this regard. It must be mentioned here that Pakistan closed its Afghan border crossings to NATO convoys on November 26 after botched US air strikes killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.  On Tuesday, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that Pakistan was re-opening the border to NATO supplies and said the United States was "sorry" for the losses suffered by the Pakistani military.