LAKKI MARWAT - The efforts of clerics and religious scholars have helped reduce the polio refusal cases in the district, as they removed misconceptions from the minds of parents reluctant about oral polio vaccines. This was said by District Khateeb Maulana Abdul Wahab while speaking at a media briefing arranged by National Research and Development Foundation in district health office on Tuesday. He said that completely eliminating the menace of polio was a national duty and people from all segments of society should play their role in this regard. He stressed the need for launching concerted efforts to save children under the age of five years from lifelong paralyse caused by the fatal disease. Appreciating the role of Nrdf in making anti polio drives a success and persuading people especially parents on kids’ immunisation, he assured that ulema would extend all out support to the district health department and other stakeholders to achieve the goal of immunizing targeted population against the crippling disease successfully. He told that oral polio vaccine was completely safe so people especially parents should not hesitate to administer two drops to their children in each round. Among others EDO health Dr Abdul Ghaffar Wazir, DDO Dr Abdul Rehman, NRDF Coordinator Shahid Anwar, WHO tehsil supervisor Javed Iqbal and member District Ru’et Hilal Committee Hafiz Minhajud Din were present on the occasion.