Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira has said that US apology over Salala attack should not be taken as defeat or victory of either side. He was answering a volley of questions during a media briefing on Wednesday after cabinet meeting. Kaira said that Pakistan could not afford “negative attitude” towards the international community. He said Pakistan had been working for the regional stability and peace along with US and Afghanistan. He said that efforts were marred by Salala attack. The minister said that Islamabad had asked US to enter an agreement with Pakistan inline with future engagement. Kaira said that Pakistan neither means to beat drums by making the US apologize over raid nor it wanted Washington to “rub its nose” over cross border attack on Pakistani posts. The minister said that the cabinet endorsed the decision of   its defence committee to reopen Nato routes. He said that the cabinet also approved an amendment presented by the ministry of Overseas Pakistanis to remove bar on dual nationality holders. Earlier, the federal cabinet has approved amendment bills pertaining to dual nationality and contempt of court laws.