A few years ago, we were taught what load shedding is, and now we are in the process of discovering unscheduled load shedding, which is continuously increasing. When anyone calls to complain, the well-trained staff at KE give lame excuses, such as ‘the area is under maintenance’ or ‘complain can’t be logged as work is already going on’. On a very clear note, it is acknowledged by KE that unscheduled load shedding is high in those areas where recovery is low. I would like to tell the officials that they are making my life miserable because they did not do their duty! KE should fire all heads of areas from which bills were not collected and also hold an inquiry, as I am sure they pocketed the money, and now we have to suffer! I pay my bill regularly and have been awarded the accolade of ‘Star Customer’ by KE, so I should be facilitated. I request the official to take actions against defaulters and facilitate Star Customers.


Karachi, June 23.