Watching the World Cup matches, I marveled at the sense of patriotism projected by the spectators. The enthusiasm, the joy and the sorrow following the progress of their teams was always intense. Pakistanis have been deprived of our chance to enjoy sports by a combination of buffoons, who were elevated by our incompetent rulers, and thus created a tragedy that has left our stadiums empty.

The responsibility of the provincial government of Punjab for the negligence in preventing the attack on the Sri Lankan team was criminal. It shows the extent of damage done to the millions of spectators that have been denied a chance to cheer for their team. It is a pity that there is no accountability for Ijaz Butt, for the damage he did to cricket and Pakistan. It is small consolation that the footballs used in the 2014 Brazil World Cup have been manufactured in Sialkot. It shows how hardworking and enterprising our factory owners are, but the nation has been deprived of a sport that everyone enjoyed, due to this so called democratic government that has not resolved any issues thus far.


Lahore, July 1.