ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Thursday said that a deliberate confusion was being spread about the statement made by Chairman Imran Khan on the UNDP Results Management System (RMS), which was to be used during polling to ensure a transparent election including result compilation.

Central Information Secretary PTI, Dr Shireen Mazari, stated that in the PTI Bahawalpur rally, Khan referred to this system through which results were initially being sent directly to ECP (Election Commission of Pakistan) headquarters but later this system was deliberately slowed down and came to a halt and after that results were compiled manually.

“PTI has credible evidence in its possession that this system was deliberately stalled after Nawaz Sharif’s “victory” speech at 11:20pm and then halted altogether after which results were compiled manually,” Dr. Mazari said.

Subsequently, a senior official of the ECP who was involved in the data gathering process claimed that the UNDP project had nothing to do with the announcement of election results as it was an exercise aimed at data gathering for analysis and future reference. The UNDP also made the same point.

However, Mazari pointed out that these claims were completely incorrect. The ECP Secretary himself admitted that this UNDP system was installed for transparency.

As this system’s name is Results Management System, which was supposed to relay results transparently as they were being collated from ROs to the ECP HQs.

The system was/is connected to the ECP Website to publish automated results of not only the election count but also the candidate’s nomination papers and their electoral symbol allocations. So clearly this RMS had everything to do with the online publication of election results.

The statement said it was inexplicable as to why the UNDP would seek a cover-up for the stalling and shut down of their system. PTI stands by the position taken by its chairman in the Bahawalpur rally, it added.