The beginning of Ramadan, followed by the Muslim celebration of Eid is not a routine event but rather a special one in many respect for many millions of Muslims worldwide. For a common Pakistani national, daily and monthly expanses get doubled in this holy month due to mismanagement on the part of the government. The price of daily commodities goes up overnight. I go to the market on a daily bases to buy daily-use items but have never seen a magistrate or any other official performing their duty. It was easy to extend a good gesture in this holy month from the ruling government towards the whole nation in the form of some relief in utility bills and fuel charges. Eid Mubarak, a routine lip service, from the head of government and the head of state on the eve of Eid is not actually a good gesture. Come up with one which is visible, mandatory and much needed by the needy.


Kurram Agency, July 2.