ISLAMABAD - The prosecution witnesses produced original document of the 3rd November 2007 Proclamation of Emergency order that showed General (retd) Pervez Musharraf signed it as Chief of Army Staff.

Deputy Secretary Siraj Ahmed and Section Officer Kaleem Ahmed Shahzad of Cabinet Division Thursday recorded their statements before the Special Court, presided over by Justice Faisal Arab and Justice Tahira Safdar and Justice Yawar Ali. In the absence of Farogh Naseem, another counsel of Musharraf, Shaukat Hayat cross-examined them.

They produced the certified copies of the Proclamation of Emergency order, Provisional Constitutional Order and the order for judges’ oath under the PCO.

They informed that with the permission of their seniors they had provided certified copies of the required documents to Additional Director FIA Khalid Rasool on three different dates i.e. 4th, 9th and 19th December 2013.

Siraj Ahmed, who served the Cabinet Division for 35 years, told that at the time of 3rd November 2007 he was the section officer in the Cabinet Division. He said that it is correct that when the correspondence is received in the Division it was entered into log register and then delivered to relevant departments.

He told those, where were of sensitive nature, not entered into the log registered because the then secretary had directly received them in his office. The documents in three separate envelops were received from the President Secretariat with the President House stamp.

The defence counsel questioned when you say that the proclamation of Emergency was signed by Pervez Musharraf then the ex-president signed those documents in your presence. Their reply was ‘no’. “The investigation office recorded our statement in the Cabinet Division, which neither had the inquiry number, nor case and the accused name,” both Siraj and Shahzad told.

Kaleem Shahzad said that on 3rd Novr he was posted in Ministry of Population and Welfare as Accounts Officer, but after the devolution of Population Ministry, he was transferred in the Cabinet Division as Cash Officer and on 7th December 2013 was appointed as section officer in Ministerial Wing, Cabinet Division.

Shahzad said that he provided the certified copies of the required documents to Khalid Rasool in the presence of deputy secretary and then the seizure memo was prepared by the FIA officer.

So far three witnesses of the prosecution have recorded their statements and were also cross-examined by Musharraf counsels. The hearing is adjourned till 8th July.