KARACHI - Zakaria Usman, President FPCCI stated that the NTM Desk of FPCCI is fully supportive to the business community, facilitating them to resolve their trade related issues with the concerned authorities.  He said that many Non-tariff Measures (NTMs) are being used to reinforce the market restrictions. It includes all measures, besides tariffs, which are used to protect a domestic economic activity; they may be imposed or sponsored by government.  He further stated that the tools and types of NTMs cannot be identified unless these are observed; these are changed from time to time and varied from market to market.

Zakaria Usman further said that NTM Desk in FPCCI is basically a help desk which supports trade and industry of Pakistan if they are facing any hurdle, friction or discriminatory attitude in exporting their products to a South Asian country. The objective of the NTM Desk of FPCCI to make timely decision and identification of NTMs.