It is extremely disturbing to note that the prices of many commodities, especially of fruits and vegetables, have risen very high, 80 to 100 percent in some instances, with the advent of the holy month of Ramadan. This is not the first time that this change for the worse has taken place. It is a regularly recurring problem in this Islamic country and yet the government is still in slumber over this life and death issue of the common man. It seems that the writ of the state has failed in every sphere of life. There is no mechanism in place for regular surveillance of market prices. Occasional incidents of price checks and imposition of fine are no more than camera sessions used to fool the common man. It is earnestly requested from the concerned departments of the government to wake up and come to the rescue of the poor folks, who are already becoming prey to the rampant over-inflation and poor law and order situation in the country.


Karachi, July 2.