The BBC report on MQM’s involvement in anti state and terrorist activities, duly funded and trained by RAW, has opened Pandora’s box. According to the report hundreds of MQM’s members have been trained in India during last ten years. In the recent past a senior police officer, Rao Anwar, had accused target killers terrorists affiliated with MQM of being trained in India. The MQM-RAW nexus goes back to 1992, when during operation against MQM, some members confessed being trained in India. Unfortunately, all the police officers who took part in this operation were murdered.

MQM was also accused of planning to create an independent state with the help of RAW and other players. During recently concluded Formation Commander’s conference, COAS openly accused RAW of abetting and supporting terrorism in Pakistan. Most recently, Rangers raided Nine Zero and recovered weapons of different caliber, including missing NATO containers, large numbers of high profile target killers, land grabbers and individuals involved in extortion of money.

MQM has also been accused of setting a factory in Baldia Town on fire on refusal to pay 20 crore rupees as extortion by its owners. During a raid on MQM premises in London by the Scotland Yard in 2013, explosives and list of weapons perceived to be used in Karachi was recovered. Indian Prime Minister during his visit to Bangladesh last month acknowledged raising, arming, funding and training of Mukti Bahini to dismember Pakistan and ultimately creation of Bangladesh. Indian defence minister has openly declared support for terrorism in Pakistan. Baloch Ferraris who recently laid down their arms also confessed members of BLA were trained and funded by India. What more proof do we need?


Islamabad, June 30.