It’s sad that so many people died in Karachi due to the combination of natural calamity along with lack of water. The lesser we talk about the provincial government and its pathetic performance the better. However, the federal government is also not lagging behind in this regard, as the usual blame game is on; in fact all the other parties have joined in this blame game. Instead of helping the victim’s families in this adversity our politicians are in fact rubbing salt into their wounds.

The federal government is blaming the provincial government and K-Electric, the provincial government is blaming the federal government and recalling their promises to eliminate power cuts, PTI has gone one step forward by registering an FIR against the Sindh government. I have no qualms about saying that our political class has learnt nothing from the past and keeps behaving like amateurs. Unfortunately they remain in the front line without resolving any problems they are elected again and again.


Lahore, June 30.