A: Ever since I heard about our classmate Tariq’s employment in London, I’ve felt a nagging feeling of pity for his parents. Tariq is after all their only son and it’s a shame that they’ll be living all alone here while he moves to the UK.

S: Why would you feel pity for his parents? They must be overjoyed! Their son is building a career for himself, is going to live a comfortable life and then obviously take care of them as well.

A: Do you think that the only way to be a good son to your parents if by helping them monetarily? What about their rights? Taking care of them when they are sick and old? With him gone they will rely on strangers while their own son is living his life far far away.

S: Would you rather he stay here and sit at home? With no job opportunities, and really low-income packages for fresh graduates, won’t his parents be under more duress when they have to count pennies and see their son’s education, the one they spent everything on, go to waste?

A: Ask a lot of parents, Sadiq, those who are sick and old and wistfully talk about their sons, who live abroad, those who they do not see for years, and just cash a cheque every month at their expense. It is just cruel and unfair.

S: What is unfair is the narrow mindedness of not being able to pursue ambitious dreams just because your parents will miss you for a while.

A: We’re going to be old some day too. Lets see how you feel then.