Movies and dramas are accurate representatives of the society and culture they are produced in. If our media strongly shows healthy entertainment, then there would be no problem in making the country peaceful. Pakistani media are completely unable to provide people with relaxing and healthy entertainment.

Being a culturally poor country, the people of Pakistan, instead of representing their own norms, rely on reproducing the culture of their neighbours on the screen.

Indian movies affect our youth; whichever walk of life they belong to, they prefer to watch Bollywood movies in their leisure time. In Hindi movies, there are several kinds of awkward scenes which we can’t watch with our family members and the result is that girls feel insecure and boys get engaged in negative activities and spoil their lives. These types of films basically target the youth and focus on grabbing their attention. Thus, the youth, instead of working on developing their lives constructively, ruin their will power and get engaged in negative activities, instead. Most youngsters get inspired by these movies, but they really don’t know that what the basic purpose of these movies is. They are unknowingly victimized.

A long time ago movies showed culture, values, built people's minds and give knowledge of religion. But upcoming movies are basically based on love, breakups, etc. The youth adopt mostly negative points in these types of movies and now they know how to make fools out of others and abuse others easily and play their with emotions. These types of movies basically play with the youth's innocent mind. The media should restrict the production and broadcast of such movies.

On the other hand, Sindhi dramas which are being shown on Sindhi TV channels also impact the youth. They have produced a drama on dacoits which shows how you can rob, kidnap, steal, or shoot to kill other people to achieve their ends.

In their leisure time, the people of Pakistan also watch Indians dramas which, too, impact our culture and society. There is a great need to stop the telecast of such dramas and movies which are negatively impacting in our culture and society, especially the power of the nation (youth), and which have no real positive purpose.

I would like to suggest to Pakistani producers that they produce meaningful films or dramas which should give a message to the viewers regarding positive change, impart good cultural values, build their minds and spread knowledge of religion, instead of teaching people how to fight with eachother.