While K-Electric is reportedly run by people close to PML-N, they deny any fault. A four-member fact finding committee has been formed to look into the dismal power situation. The preliminary report has shown what people have been saying all along: K-Electric has been found to neither paying any attention to distribution and transmission nor have they been spending to improve the power distributing system.

This doesn’t come as a surprise at all as K-Electric, instead of improving has been found replacing copper fittings, of the transmitters by aluminium ones, to sell the valuable copper to China for Rs. 1300/kg while the price for aluminium is Rs. 350/ per kg. The profit made must have been sent out of the country. This is sure to make matters worse, as aluminium gadgets are less durable and cannot stand heat. Given this, more instead of less power cuts are to be expected. All this is going on while the sitting governments in Sindh and Islamabad are doing nothing.

Our leaders have all definitely been sending money out of the country as they are sure there will be an economic disaster. The federal government while submitting its reply to the Supreme Court on Monday said that K-Electric owes Rs 130 billion to various government institutions and after privatisation in 2008, it was given exceptional benefits, even from the circular debt. I would like to ask why? Who is responsible? And now the present PML-N government is helplessly complaining to the Supreme Court! Who is ruling this country?


Karachi, June 30.