Religion should be a personal matter and should not be just left to the Maulanas who come on TV to spew hate and belittle anyone who does not follow their world view. Similarly, clerics and Imams as mosques are treated as the sole authority on religion, even though they are a very rudimentary understanding of the world, politics and society. It is odd that we give more weight to what most of these undereducated men are saying, that use our own faculties to understand the words of God. This has led to these men promoting their own cause and understanding, alienating intellectuals to the extent that they are hated. A case in point in the witch-hunt against “liberals”, without any understanding of what a philosophy of liberalism means. To their surprise, if they can pick up a book or two, they will find that atheists can be moral, secularism is compatible with Islam, liberals can be religious, and women can be smarter than men.


Lahore, July 1.