It has been recently brought to my attention how little most of us know or even care about child abuse in Pakistan. Child abuse is an issue which increasing at an alarming rate and this is happening because we as a people have either lost our voice o we choose not to use our voice. 

Our children are being physically, mentally ,emotionally and sexually abused on a daily basis and they are too afraid to speak up about it. This is mainly because they realize that the adults around them are not doing anything to prevent it. Child abuse is a problem that affects everyone so everyone needs to take a stand against it .we see a lot of these stories on tv or read about them in the paper. Do we wonder what happened to that child and how often these abusers are punished? who really is to be blamed for when a child is abused? Do we blame the child or the abuser? what about the parents or guardians of that child are they to be blame as well? Why do we ignore these things when they happen. We need to speak up against child abuse. 

well, I say we are all to be blamed for child abuse. if you remain quit when it happens it is your fault .Speak out against child abuse. 


Karachi, May 4.