LAHORE - Punjab Food Authority (PFA) on Monday sealed two factories for manufacturing adulterated edibles with renowned brands.

PFA Director Operations Rafia Haider raised the curtain that vigilance cell tested the food item in market and found out the factories after knowing about killer food items. Factories were engaged in preparing nimko and chips of well known brands with the oil extracted from dead animal extracts and chemical, she added. Moreover, 18000 kg manufactured nimko, 12000 packs of chips and 22000 kg raw material was recovered. One of the factory sealed is situated in Band Road, Lahore and the other one is in Hazara Colony, Rawalpindi.

Punjab Food Authority has lodged the case against the owners by capturing the manufacturing machineries. Factory owner could not be arrested immediately as he has already gone abroad with the money earned from adulteration. All of the records have been captured and 14 purchasers are being chased so that they can be punished. In addition to this, PFA has sealed two restaurants for open drains, unhygienic working environment, uncovered food items, open dustbins, no IPM’s, no MRD’s, and non-retrieval medical certificates of workers and food licenses.