Almost 14 per cent of our youth (15-24 years) are unemployed. It is a segment of our population that is the most productive in any country. The alarming interpretation of these statistics is that these numbers continue to hold back our economic growth which is under eight per cent. 

It is the state’s responsibility to create jobs. There is no dearth of professionals and educated youth in the country, what is needed is out-of-the-box thinking. There are approximately 25,000 professions in a modern economy, while in Pakistan hardly a fraction of these professions have been tapped. 

Our economic czars should follow the American model called UFA which created 11 million jobs in USA during 2015. Under this model, a maximum of our youth need to be involved in agriculture and petroleum and allied natural resources sector. There is also a dire need to focus on research which can only be achieved by increasing the education budget. Only such measures can transform Pakistan into a prosperous country. 


Karachi, June 13.