As Raymond Davis’ book raised a storm in Pakistani media, I was contemplating its timing and proliferation through a PDF version. A lot has been said about it by intellectuals, politicians and media gurus resorting to mudslinging and accusations; the target appeared to be Pak Army, ISI and even the judiciary with a veiled reference to political leadership.

Instead of repeating the barbershop gossip in the book, I thought of analysing the role of CIA in fomenting chaos in targeted states. Before the analysis, a brief mention about two other books, Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower by William Blum and Confessions of an Economic Hit-man by John Perkins. These two books were also written by CIA insiders, openly acknowledging the role played by US agencies in creating strategic chaos, political assassinations of leaders in the developing world and how CIA destroyed the economy of targeted states through ruthless imposition of American agenda. Should these books be taken as gospels truths, and US and CIA be taken to ICJ for war crimes?

Why the US has always gotten away with these leaks and books in the past is due to her ability to shape international perceptions is due to a colossus of opinion makers on CIA’s pay roll who have developed a vast network of surrogates in almost every nook and corner of the globe. The only challenge to US chaotic doctrine came from Russian Federation and China as these powers understand the extent and reach of the non-kinetic war machine operated by CIA. President Putin’s first major undertaking to rid Russia of these CIA surrogates was to dismantle their network at home. His strategic counter offensive at international level was through a sophisticated media campaign exposing CIA’s dirty game. More recently, Russians were able to dent US elections and create a wedge in US polity and democratic system.

Coming back to CIA’s latest attempt at creating chaos within Pakistan; what have they tried to achieve, through contractor Raymond Davis’s book? The objectives seem to be simple:-

That the Pakistani politico-military leadership be discredited, by driving a wedge between people of Pakistan and the Pakistan Army and developing a perception that Pakistani leadership can be easily pressurised and coerced.

The timing of the launch of the book, especially its PDF version, indicates the urge to draw maximum from already divided polity and chaos in the rank and file of Pakistan.

Even our village parrots know that Raymond Davis was not a contractor but CIA’s station chief in Pakistan, who was instrumental in expanding black operations in Pakistan through Blackwater, thanks to the liberal visa regime followed by Hussain Haqqani and company.

Why I am thanking CIA for this book is due to five major reasons and factors:

If the release of Raymond Davis came about through a legal disposition and understanding between two states (US and Pakistan); and it was a favour doled out to CIA, why make the whole issue controversial?

CIA is not the only agency with state and international secrets, what if other states start leaking those secret files and stories exposing CIA’s heinous war crimes and sinister campaigns against sovereign states?

Can US diplomats and CIA be trusted by other states for any dealings, open or secret, and why should other states support America to pursue her national interests?

What happened to CIA’s black operations in Pakistan after the departure of Raymond Davis; wasn’t Blackwater dismantled brick by brick in Pakistan?

CIA has also exposed her hollowness by targeting allies like Pakistan, who conducted open and secret diplomacy to help US in common and shared strategy to defeat terrorism in the region; can Indians and other US allies trust the CIA anymore?

For Pakistani audience, some food for thought:

If all books written by a white man or woman are to be taken as the Gospel’s Truth, why not discuss all other books like Confessions of a Diplomatic Hit-man and the Rouge State and take CIA and US leadership to ICJ for war crimes?

Statecraft in the 21st century cannot be executed through twitter blitz and barbershop gossip in the media, it requires deep insight of drivers, movers and shakers of domestic and international system and cool calculations of the nuances of the chaos doctrine.

Pakistan and her neighbourhood is infested with chaos generators and hostile agencies’ surrogates; can we afford accentuated chaos, just because an ex-CIA station chief is spilling selective beans?

The realignment of international players in South Central Asia and the greater Middle East, especially the growing potential of Pakistan as the zipper of civilizations and a conduit of energy and commerce through expanding ties with China and the Russian federation, is not being easily digested by the larger west; be ready for more leaks and books by the likes of ex-CIA station chief aka contractor Raymond Davis.

The Pakistani leadership and army have always worked for Pakistan, our soldiers and officers along with their brothers and sisters from LEAs have sacrificed a lot for Pakistan, one book with dubious credentials should not be able to create divisions in our ranks.

I have drawn a small list of dos and don’ts for diplomats, political leaders and military in Pakistan, for dealing with CIA or American diplomats:

Anything and everything that you say, deal with or converse can be used against you and Pakistan, so be very careful.

Develop redundancy in diplomacy to avoid blackmail and chaos at a later stage.

Don’t help or go out of the way to support US diplomats or CIA operations in Pakistan; follow the Putin formula, Pakistan’s interests are supreme and should never be allowed to be played with even if your intention is good.

If CIA can repeatedly use old data and records and time these to create dissention and chaos in Pakistan, shouldn’t Pakistani diplomats and intelligence agencies develop a counter strategy; why we are so defensive, prepare your files and leaks and let the ball roll. If favours by the Pakistani government and intelligence agencies doled out to US diplomats and CIA can become an albatross in our necks, get rid of this albatross for good.

Last and most important; game and governance are two different things, try developing a deep insight into the difference; trust in Pakistan.

The writer is a freelance journalist.