Famous folk and sufi singer from Sindh, Allan Faqir , is being remembered on his 18th death anniversary today. 

He was born in Jamshoroo district of Sindh in 1932. Allan Faqir was famously known for his unique style, voice and his sufi dance. 

He is one of the prominent figures in folk singing of Sindh. 

Allan Faqir had mostly sung in Sindhi language while some of his songs were in urdu as well. His famous son 'Humma Humma' became a huge hit. The song was primarily in Sindhi language but later on a duet was formed inUrdu with famous pop singer Muhammad Ali Shiekhi as 'Allah ALLAH kar Bhayya'. 

The song brought huge increase in his popularity. 

Allan Faqir was conferred with Pride of Performance in 1980. 

He died in Karachi on July 4, 2000 after suffering from paralysis.