It shocks you when you put your faith behind a politician, who promises to bring about a change, manages to awaken youth, build up a popular political party, with promises to restore rule of law, only to find out, that other than change of few faces, everything else remains same. Why should Imran Khan, insist that federal government, waive off the name of Zulfi Bokhari who faces criminal allegations from Blacklist/ECL, and allow him to accompany for performing Umrah on 27 Ramadan on chartered private executive jet? If this be the change that Imran Khan proposes to bring about, than Allah Almighty have mercy on us. Why did the Caretaker Government allow this individual placed on a List to proceed for Umra? 

What choice does PTI offer when they give a ticket to former PPP Punjab President Raja Riaz to contest against Abid Sher Ali. It is a choice between devil and deep sea. Imagine octogenarian feudal from South Punjab who left PML(N) because they were not willing to accommodate his son accused of murdering his wife being given a ticket by PTI, or other controversial villain of “My Feudal Lord” being preferred over an honest young loyalist and that turncoat Khusro, who has created a record of sorts switching to any party holding power. These turncoats mostly are scions of former members of Unionist Party of Punjab, who opposed Quaid-e-Azam and independence movement, just because they were beneficiaries of allotment of lands and titles, and never wanted colonialists to end their occupation. 


Peshawar, June 14.