LUDHIANA - A seven-year-old girl from Faisalabad who was undergoing treatment in a hospital in India passed away on Tuesday.

According to reports, Zainab had three holes in her heart with the left side of her heart not working.

Zainab's father said the doctors at Faisalabad's Institute of Cardiology had recommended that the seven-year-old be taken to India for treatment.

“Following their recommendation, we took our daughter to Ludhiana where she had surgery last night,” her father said.

The seven-year-old was moved to the intensive care unit (ICU) after her surgery and the next 24 hours were said to be critical.

However, Zainab lost the battle for her life at 4am on Tuesday.

The deceased's body was handed over to the parents, however, the family is now facing trouble in bringing the body back to Pakistan.

In a video message, the girl's father blamed the authorities for forcing him to run pillar to post among various government departments to obtain travel documents.

The father also appealed to Pakistani High Commission to help in the matter.