LOS ANGELES-James Corden has been thinking about returning to the UK to do some acting again.

James Corden wants to return to acting.

The ‘Gavin & Stacey’ star has spent the past three years hosting ‘The Late Late Show’ over in America but he has admitted he doesn’t want to do presenting ‘’forever’’ and would like to live out the rest of his career performing and writing.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column, he said: ‘’I don’t want to do ‘The Late Late Show’ forever. I feel in my bones I’m a performer, a writer or an actor. ‘’I adore this show - every single day I love it. What I don’t want this to do is to become just another job.’’

The 39-year-old actor - who has three children; Max, seven, Carey, three, and Charlotte, six months, with his wife Julia - is also desperate to get back to the UK because he wants to be around for his parents as they get older and frailer.

He explained: ‘’We’re a really long way from home, a really long way away from people who are getting older. That plays on my mind a lot.’’

James’ concerns about the future may play a part in whether he decides to extend his contract with the ‘Late Late Show’ as they’re keen to have him for another two years.

His five-year contract with CBS - thought to be around £10 million - will expire in 2020 but bosses are desperate to keep him at the helm following his global success and have offered him a new two-year deal worth £8 million.

A source said recently: ‘’The feeling is that James deserves a significant pay hike.’’

And, although his presenting skills have been heavily praised by fans across the world, James admitted at the time that he was anxious about how the US audience would perceive him because not many people over there had heard of him until then.

He also introduced the segment Carpool Karaoke - in which he drives around Los Angeles alongside music stars including Adele and Jennifer Lopez as they sing their biggest hits - and decided to have more than one celebrity sitting on the famous sofa.

He said at the time: ‘’What I wanted to bring to the show is unpredictability, so you’re never really sure what’s going to happen.’’