Activist and election candidate, Jibran Nasir’s manhandling by one of the security official in the VIP motorcade of a Judge of Sind High Court (SHC) is nothing but a crude demonstration of how VIP culture operates in this country. His manhandling was one of many tragic instances where citizens had bore the brunt of VIP protocols. Officials and government representative enjoying VIP protocols do not think of the difficulties that ordinary people face whenever they decide to commute.

What is beyond comprehension is that Jibran Nasir was manhandled by the security staff of a Judge of the higher judiciary that had reprimanded the officials and elected representative for their VIP protocols as a cause of inconvenience to ordinary people. If the law requires that a Judge or any official shall be enjoying VIP protocol, rather than manhandling a person, the citizen should be informed of such rules and orders. The reason that one of the security officials relied on brute force was that he thought that being a security staff of a high court judge he could get away with anything he did to an ordinary man. It is this mentality of violating the dignity of a common man that is a by-product of the VIP culture.

What else can be said of the VIP culture but that the idea frequently violates the dignity of a person and equality of citizens. This culture makes some citizens inferior to other. The VIP protocols that holders of certain government offices enjoy create an unhealthy subculture, as it comes at the cost of the dignity of an ordinary citizen. Jibran was certainly not making an offence when he wanted to inquire about the law that would treat people differently. He, as a citizen of this country, has a right to know the logic behind red beacons atop vehicles and protocol squads, a logic that is beyond the comprehension of all of us.