ISLAMABAD (PR) Engineers have said that transfers and postings at large scale in Discos would be a bad omen for energy sector as such proposal may further increase energy crisis across the country.

Addressing Iesco's staffers here at a local hotel on Tuesday, National Engineers Patron in chief Engineer Syed Abdul Qadir Shah and IEEEP President Dr Rana Abdul Jabbar said they held a meeting with energy secretary to discuss the matter and he had assured them not to take such an initiative which could be a bone of contention between Discos management and staffers.

After meeting with the secretary energy, they said they were quite satisfied and hopeful that no reshuffling of SDOs and XENs would be observed massively in Discos countrywide.

Abdul Qadir said the news of transfers and postings at large scale in Discos had created unrest in engineers' routine life.

He said SDOs and XENs were quite familiar with consumers' issues of their duty-stations and they were trying their hardest to settle down them accordingly.

He further explained that engineers were technical hand of the society and it had nothing to do with ongoing politics in the country.