The entire city of Lahore is drenched in water. After a long and torturous spell of heat, the rain has finally made its way to the city. However the problem is that while people were desperately waiting for the monsoon rain to push away the heat, they were also expecting the government to have made necessary measures to deal with the showers of rain which would disrupt the set up of the city. Lack and failure of rain management after 70 years of running a country and that too in a city considered the most developed is a huge disappointment, not just for the residents but also for the authorities in charge.

This is not the first time monsoon rains have managed to bring the city to a halt. Rains are a common occurrence during the monsoon season and can be predicted easily to make the necessary arrangements but it is no secret that our lawmakers prefer adhocism and policies and measures that result out of it. According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), Pakistan has witnessed more rain before this during the month of July, which clearly points out the failure of the authorities to prioritise their spending and come up with projects which help in times like these.

Time before the elections is very crucial and it is disasters such as these which makes room for criticism. PMLN’s campaign is structured around promising cities and towns the future like that of Lahore but Lahore itself is under water now because even the roads which were prioritised could not stand against the rainfall. This shows how underdeveloped the drainage system is, which allows mega cities to be converted to areas of ditches and potholes. The amount of damage done in a day is going to cost a lot and will definitely become one of the factors for the local population to decide their vote upon.