LAHORE-Nisar Nasik, the writer of national song ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ died in Rawalpindi on Wednesday morning.

Nasik suffered from mild blindness and amnesia in the last days of his life. Despite being an eminent poet of Urdu and Punjabi, not many people understand that Nasik wrote ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’.

Jamshed and director Shoaib Mansoor gained tremendous popularity from the song and made their band reach new heights of fame, but unfortunately, the lyricist Nasik didn’t get his recognition share.

Nasik remained associated with Radio Pakistan throughout his life and also contributed a lot in the expansion of Pakistan Television (PTV). He also authored two novelettes – Chothi Simat Ka Musafir and Dil Dil Pakistan. He was bestowed with the lifetime achievement award by PTV for his literary contributions. Nasik will be put to rest at the Ratta Amral graveyard in Rawalpindi today.