KARACHI-After the conclusion of Romeo Weds Heer, 7th Sky Entertainment offered its audiences another rom-com, Shahrukh ki Saaliyan, penned down by the veteran writer Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt.

The twisted love story of Shahrukh, played by Ahsan Khan, Anushay, and Ramsha Khan, is a hilarious joy ride.

The two share an amazing on screen chemistry, which sparks up on our television sets.

Ahsan Khan and Ramsha Khan deserve appreciation for playing their characters effortlessly, while Raza, playing Shahrukh’s wife in a burkha has also done justice to the character.

The supporting characters in the drama are equally talented, while the witty dialogues and commendable direction make it totally worth watching.

In last night’s episode, we see a significant progress in the story, as well as in Shahrukh and Anushay’s relationship.

First, Shahrukh proposes to Anushay which is really a sweet scene that was impeccably done by Ahsan Khan.

The scene in which Shahrukh’s parents misunderstand Anushay as Shahrukh’s wife is an interesting and hilarious one and it is really fascinating to see whether Shahrukh’s secret will be out or not at that moment. cThe episode ends on an exciting note, with Shahrukh’s valima card being received and opened by Hawaldaar Sahab, only to find out Anushay’s name written on it with Shahrukh.

Everybody’s consequent expressions are really worth-watching and we truly wonder how everyone would react to it. Will Anushay’s family find out about the truth or will Shahrukh be able to dodge and convince everyone about his lie? To find out, wait for the next episode.