English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt.) Limited, a market leader in the local food industry since the past five decades, has continuously maintained its sustainability as an innovative brand in the industry. The company has also been a founding partner of the School of Leadership’s annual event, the Young Leaders Conference, for the past many years, supporting them in their goal of enabling youth empowerment.

Carrying on its tradition of sponsoring the YLC, this year EBM once again stepped up to the occasion to sponsor the 18th Young Leaders Conference. The theme of this year's conference revolved around an inspirational theme: to “amplify”. The training throughout the conference aimed to maximize our youth's career prospects as well as leverage their talent. This was done by providing them with a platform on which they were allowed to share ideas and think freely while under the mentorship of great speakers and teachers who further encouraged them to step out of their comfort zones and achieve their ultimate goals.

While talking about EBM’s stance in the YLC, Shahzain Munir, Director EBM, commented, “It is the need of the hour to engage the youth of our country into something that is much more productive and industrious. The advantage they get through this forum is valuable insight from the experiences of various industry giants who provide inspiration as well as the motivation to help them pave their way towards success. EBM has been a proud supporter of the School of Leadership’s initiative for a long time and we hope to see a positive revolutionary change within eager young individuals as a result of this conference.”

The conference was a six-day long event that focused on improving personal development and empowering young talent by instiling leadership skills. With more than 300 young participants from different cities of Pakistan and abroad, the training was undertaken by influential speakers and market leaders who conducted skill-based workshops.

Not only did EBM act as the main sponsor of the event, but the team from the brand also conducted various learning activities during the conference all of which focused on recognizing and accepting cultural diversity within Pakistan as well as encouraging the spread of inclusivity and compassion within the participants.

Considering the immense amount of potential that resides in our youth, there is a grave need for big and prominent brands like EBM to step up and support such programs that aim to eventually lead Pakistan towards progress. EBM has remained consistent with its commitment to spread awareness and education through its sponsorships and campaigns. Acknowledging the fact that the development of the youth is the most significant step for a nation to advance collectively, EBM has made itself stand out from the rest of the brands. EBM has always maintained its reputation to highlight and support such initiatives and is firmly committed to doing the same in the future.