ISLAMABAD  -   Sindh has said that the province is getting 40 percent less water of its share and alleged that WAPDA‘s reporting method regarding water measurement is faulty.

The Senate Standing Committee on Water Resources Committee that met here with Senator Shamim Afridi in the chair has asked WAPDA to come to the next meeting and brief the Committee about the reporting method of the water.

The Senate Committee also directed Secretary Implementation Mirani Dam to finalise the list of the Mirani Dam effectees within one month.

Secretary Implementation said that money is available for the effectees but the list has not been finalised.

The Federal government has provided Rs 930 million for the effectees, he added.

Senator Shamim Afridi asked the Secretary Implementation to distribute the available amount among the affectees.

About the exact claim of the affectees, he said that it can be determined later.

Secretary Implementation said that total Rs 3 billion will be distributed among the affectees.

Meanwhile, exchange of hot words took place between Sassi Paleejo and Chairman IRSA during the meeting.

Sassi Paleejo tried to speak during the briefing of the Chairman IRSA, Sherzaman Khan, he asked her not to talk in the middle.  This is wrong you are not listening to me, Chairman IRA said. You allow me to complete my briefing, he added.

You don’t know how to talk to a Senator, she said. You cannot talk to me like this, she added.

Sassi Paleejo said that she will bring privilege motion against Chairman IRSA in the Senate. Secretary Water Resource asked Sassi Paleejo to talk within the parameters of the law but she said that she is talking within the ambit of law.

Senator Sassi Paleejo said that Sindh is facing up to 40 pc shortage of water and this province is being victimised by using this water tool.

She said that there is acute shortage of water in entire coastal region.

Member IRSA Sindh said that at Kotri Sindh is facing 40 per cent water shortage.  Secretary Water Resources said that within three to four days the water shortage of Sindh will be reduced.  Secretary Water Resource Ministry Muhammad Ashraf told the Committee that “we had supplied water to Sindh according demand of the province and even provided it more than its share. Sindh was supplied around 125,000 cusec more water despite the objection of the Punjab province.” She expressed fear of the seriousness of sea intrusion along the coastal areas of Sindh which can result in the sinking of Badin and Thatta by 2030, followed by Karachi by 2050. Senator Gianchand also expressed concern over the situation and said that hundreds and thousands of land has been submerged by the sea intrusion. He said that the issue must be taken seriously.

Chairman Federal Flood Commission (FFC) Ahmad Kamal informed the Senate Standing Committee on water resources the snowfall in Northern Pakistan during this season has been 80 to 90 per cent more than previous years, and this coming monsoon, the country can face heavy floods.

He said that below normal rain was expected in Sindh and Balochistan and later can face drought-like situation, while northern Pakistan, KP and Punjab are expected to receive more than normal rain during upcoming monsoon season.