LAHORE  : Sanitary workers of the Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) called off strike after negotiations with LWMC management on Wednesday. The workers went on strike on Wednesday outside the LWMC head office due to alleged ‘misbehaviuor’ of Assistant Commissioner, Raiwand, according to LWMC press release. LWMC unions also took part in the strike and demanded inquiry into the alleged use of foul language by the AC Raiwand against sanitary workers. The strike was called off after a successful dialogue with LWMC management with the workers and union representatives.

Management of LWMC ensured to address the grievances of workers and stated that LWMC sanitary workers are an asset to the department as they perform one of the most difficult tasks in their daily routine.

 Management said that department believed in encouragement of the workers rather than discouraging them and LWMC workers served with dedication around the clock throughout the year despite any weather condition.

It is pertinent to mention that, on July 2th, LWMC union threatened to call strike unless the matter was solved amicably.

According to the LWMC spokesperson, LWMC issued salaries to only those workers who were present in field and no salary has been ever issued to absent workers.