Education plays a variety of significant roles in the development and advancement of any nation. It is called the fundamental right of every individual. Without education, it is impossible for any nation to progress and develop and compete with the rest of the countries. But when we see the miserable conditions of schools in Balochistan, our hearts bleed.

Although the province is the wealthiest province of the country, the people of the region are living in abject poverty. The state has made them fail in every walk of life. Notably, the state has not paid any attention to the education sector. Even the most basic facilities that are needed for the working of educational institutions are missing in these setups. Like some other areas of Balochistan district, Chagi has the same issue. Schools are broken, and students cannot concentrate on their studies because of the lack of facilities that the school buildings need. Students hope that they will get a successful life, but due to broken schools, students are afraid to go. It is stated with due respect, kindly make Chagi’s schools strong.

Moreover, the issue is not limited to Chaghi. Schools in other cities, villages and towns also need the attention of the state. If the government wants to educate the country, it needs to work on the infrastructure that is needed for the provision of education to the masses.