ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) patron-in-chief Prime Minister Imran Khan has given nod of approval to newly-amended domestic structure, which will be implemented from this year.

The sources close to the PM revealed that the PCB patron gave approval to the new domestic format, while notification in this regard was also issued. “The PM has directed the departments as well as government departments, which have their cricket teams, to fully cooperate and help to implement new domestic system.”

The sources said that a total of 11 departments were issued directives from the PM office, which include Wapda, SNGPL, State Bank, National Bank, KRL, PTV, ZTBL, PIA, Railways and Civil Aviation Authority. Previously 16 regional cricket associations have now been merged into six and according to new set up, six teams are, Punjab Central, Punjab Southern, Sindh, KP, Balochistan and Northern Regions.

The sources said it is quite interesting that PM wants to introduce Australian cricket model in Pakistan, but he completely ignored ground realities. “Firstly Australia has few millions population, while Pakistan has more than 2000 million population. Already cricketers were suffering due to one or another reason, but now with new domestic system, only 150 players will be representing six teams. At least 300 players from previous system have to sit out.

“A lot of cricketers will face unemployment, as already departments like HBL, UBL have closed down their cricket teams. More will definitely follow the same while the country has already been facing huge rise in unemployment,” they added.

The sources said that at one end, the PCB is showering countless blessings on a few certain individuals, while on the other hand, they are terminating master coaches just because of their affiliation with certain individual.

The cricketers and cricket promoters of the country have requested the PM to have mercy on future of fresh talent and continue with same old system. If he can’t include more teams and regions, it is hoped that in the best interest of cricket and youth, the PM will reconsider his decision and not spoil the futures of youth.