Perhaps we are the only country in the world where salaried people have to pay a sizable income tax when their take-home salary is hardly sufficed to meet two ends. It is generally assumed that government employees can afford to pay taxes. This, however, is not true in case of a large number of government employees who earn honestly.

This imposition of this tax is not only non-judicious but also illogical and irrational. For example, the government deducts income tax on allowances such as House Rent Allowance, Conveyance Allowance, and Medical Allowance, etc. The house rent ranges between Rs.3000/= for the low paid employees to Rs.20000/= for the grade 22 officers. How is it possible to get a house on rent with this meager monthly house allowance? Conveyance allowance and medical allowance are also insufficient. These meager allowances are then subjected to tax deduction.

Because of the unjust, illogical, irrational nature of this taxation, it must be done away with immediately. The income tax should only be deducted from running basic salary instead.