ISLAMABAD - A majority of big mosques in Islamabad have witnessed improvement in following the SOPs during the month of June. However, markets are yet to fully adopt SOPs.

According to a survey conducted by The Nation in 10 mosques, initially the worshipers were not paying heed towards SOPs. However, the citizens become more sensitive towards COVID-19 after the cases surged in Islamabad.

While talking to The Nation, Maulana Saeed ur Rehman said that many were blaming mosques for the spread of coronavirus which was a wrong perception. He further added that almost all the mosques across the capital have been following SOPs strictly.

He stated that the local committees made by the administration have also played their important role in spreading awareness among the masses regarding following the precautionary measures in mosques.

On the other hand, few markets in Islamabad including Sitara Market, Karachi Company, Chatta Bakhtawar, Tramri Bazaar and many others in the central city have been facing the violation of SOPs.

The mentioned markets are nothing more than a headache for the Islamabad administration as despite the smart lockdown and frequent warnings, the SOPs are openly violated without any fear.

While talking to The Nation, a senior member of businessmen community in G-9 Markaz said that the smart lockdown in different markets was imposed due to the increasing number of cases.

He stated that markets are likely to be blamed for the surge in cases and spread of Covid-19 in the coming weeks because only a smaller percentage of the citizens visiting the markets have been following the SOPs.

He demanded the administration to formulate a strict policy regarding the SOPs in markets otherwise no one was going to adopt the precautionary measures without any strict policy from the government side.

He concluded that reopening markets was the need of the hour but the adaptation of SOPs was more important than business because the hospitals may not be able to handle the burden anymore.

Earlier, smart lockdown was imposed in some sectors of Islamabad which has greatly helped in decreasing the number of cases in those sectors and this move of imposing smart lockdown in some sectors and markets has received much appreciation.