The formation of a joint Pak-US anti-terror squad, as confirmed by the Foreign Office spokesperson in her weekly briefing to the media on Thursday, is pregnant with dangerous forebodings for our security. Under this decision, the two countries would be sharing intelligence and together launching operations against militants. The decision calls for an urgent and radical review. The spokespersons remark, that does not necessarily mean presence of foreign troops on Pakistan soil leaves plenty of room for their entry into the country. It, in fact, clearly implies that they would be present on our soil; for a joint operation directed against any target in Pakistan would necessitate that. The experience of Raymond Davis that directly ensued from the grant of visas to American citizens without getting their security clearance from the concerned agencies ought to have made our authorities wiser and ensured that they did not again fall into the trap, with little scope for breaking free without making compromises that would suit the US but would be harmful to our vital national interests. Only yesterday, the newspapers carried a report that shows the US imperialistic bent. According to it, the Pentagon has declined our request for the withdrawal of US troops that are in Pakistan, ostensibly, to give training to our military personnel on anti-terrorism measures. Its implausible excuse: the reduction would depend on the nature of their assignment here. Undoubtedly, a joint squad stipulates that our army is on board, though there are reasons for it to have been extremely wary of this arrangement. The announcement makes no mention of a very basic point that Pakistan would have the right to command any operation the joint squad intends carrying out. This condition is all the more necessary since the US is generally loath to let its military personnel operate under the command of another countrys commander. The agreement on the formation of the joint squad must also have an unambiguous stipulation that the option whether to launch a certain operation or not must rest with Pakistan Army. The US focus of action would certainly be North Waziristan for which the Pakistan government has been under immense pressure for a pretty long time. According to former COAS General Aslam Beg, the army as well as the people are not prepared to yield to this pressure. Our political leadership must realise that it is imperative for peace and harmony to prevail in the country not to be conducting any military campaign in North Waziristan and we should make no bones about it while talking to the Americans.