LAHORE - Leaders from both sides of political divide criticising and hailing the national budget 2011-12 said that budget has been designed against the expectations of the common man, while some claimed the new budget is a good effort in the current circumstances. Sheikh Rasheed, chief of Awami Muslim League and Muthidda Muslim League leader commenting on the national budget 2011-12 said that there was no relief for the common man in this budget. He also said that masses have no interest in the new budget, as they were facing monthly budgets due to increase in petroleum prices that raise the prices of the essential commodities. Chief of Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar H termed the 2011-12 annual budget as international money lenders budget, which offers no relief to the masses. He said the 15 percent pay raise for government employees was totally inadequate in view of 25 per cent price rise during the outgoing year. He said that the Rs 27.67 trillion budget included budget deficit of Rs 3.4 trillion besides financial deficit of Rs 851 billion and almost one third of the budget, i.e. 791 billion rupees would go to the foreign financial institutions as interest on loans. The JI chief said that the government was seemed bent upon acquiring foreign and domestic loans, which would lead to further raise in taxes, POL prices, besides electricity and gas charges. All Pakistan Muslim League leader and spokesman Fawad Chaudhary said that Budget 2011-12 has been designed against the desires and expectations of the common man as no relief has been announced related to reduce mounting charges of electricity, POL and other essential commodities prices. He said that raise in salaries of government employees up to grade 15 was humiliating keeping in view the prevailing inflation. APML leader claimed that Pakistan was making progress with annual growth rate of 6.4 percent when PPP assumed power three years ago in 2008 but that growth rate has now downed to two percent. JUI-F central information secretary Maulana Amjad Khan while terming the budget as a jugglery of words said with the habit of bringing monthly budgets every year, there was no need for the country to have annual budgets. He said no salary raise was given to private sector while only 15 percent salary raise was given to government employees, which was nothing but peanuts compared to hundred percent price-hike during the last couple of years. Raja Basharat, senior PML-Q leader and advisor to prime minister for industries terming the national budget 2011-12 a good effort in the current circumstances said that 15 percent raise in salaries and pensions would provide relief to the government employees. He said that finance minister had announced rationalizing the tax system and under new plan the government would try to focus on sales and income tax, besides eliminating small taxes. PML-Q leader said that finance ministers budget speech expressed the hope that non-taxed segments would be bring into tax net. Dr Farooq Sattar, deputy convenor coordination committee MQM said that the budget 2011-12 did not fulfil the needs of the common man, however the federal finance minister and his team made a good effort in the existing circumstances and in available resources. He said that MQM proposed that feudal lords should be taxed and small farmers should be facilitated in order to take first step towards agricultural reforms, while the people averting from the tax system should be bring in the tax net. Senator Professor Sajid Mir, chief of Markazi Jamiat Ahle-Hadith terming the budget jugglery of words said that there was no relief for common man in the new budget. He said that increase in the salaries of the government employees was just peanuts keeping in view the daily rise in the price-hike. JUP secretary general Qari Zawwar Bahadur termed the budget as anti-people saying it had no relief for the poor masses but allocated all resources for the rich for their loot and plunder, while the budget only pleased the international monetary agencies.