Blatant disregard ofPakistans sovereignty has now become a norm. This disregard has reached its climax as is evident from the unilateral US operation conducted in Abbottabad and drone strikes that continue despite the unanimous parliamentary resolution. The recent attacks on Navy buses followed by a well planned and well coordinated attack by trained terrorists on the Naval Aviation Base containing Orion aircrafts and foreigners including Americans, conveniently claimed by TTP, is a small step towards the ultimate goal of declaring Pakistan as incapable of securing its nuclear assets. What is painful to watch is the ease with which the government has abdicated its responsibility of protecting the lives of Pakistani people from drone strikes and terrorist activities but has instead cleverly shifted the burden and placed it on the Pakistan Armed forces. How can the Pakistan Armed forces put an end to drone strikes when the government has not ordered them to do so? How can the Pakistan Armed forces put an end to terrorist activities when visas will be issued as lottery tickets without clearance from our intelligence agencies to Raymond Daviss?The exact number of agents like Raymond Davis prowling the streets ofPakistanis not known. What are they doing inPakistan? Are they the ones who recruit drone strike victims? We stoop to low levels in maligning our intelligence agencies an example of which was a statement made by Asma Jahangir on the murder of Justice Javed Iqbals parents implying that since he was hearing the case of missing persons the involvement of intelligence agencies in this crime cannot be ruled out. Later on it was discovered that Justice Javed Iqbals brother was involved. However, this does not justify the security lapses that have occurred not only previously at the GHQ but at the Naval Base as well. According to the Interior Minister there were four terrorists that have been killed but taking sixteen hours to control the situation does raise serious questions that the relevant authorities must answer. The dilemma will continue to deepen unless Pakistani government adopts clarity in its foreign policy namely de-linking from the war on terror, by discontinuing logistical support to ISAF and putting an end to drone strikes which will hence put an end to the justification that recruiters of suicide bombers give to convince them for carrying out suicide bombings that Pakistan is in fact abetting the US occupation of Afghanistan. Doing so will expose the real terrorists who are bent upon destabilizing and destroyingPakistanand who need to be dealt with an iron hand. A paradigm shift is the need of the hour. SHAJEEH NIAZ, Rawalpindi, June 2.