Every year the budget is eagerly awaited amidst hope and expectations of some good or beneficial and true that no budget can come up to every ones expectations yet there has to be some semblance of welfare and positive indicators of progress with emphasis upon the sectors which can give boost to the economy. Everyone has been talking about the perils of Pakistans economy, and the challenges thereof ,yet such are the situations where smart planner and economist intervenes and thinks and provides a solution instead of blame game and mudslinging both economic and political on the previous regimes ,affects of war on terror, and the floods of last year. Despite the very little or no expectation from this government which has been creating holes in the pockets of the people through consistent increase in the prices of fuel, electricity, gas and various essential items like sugar, pulses etc. This budget which was announced in a unique manner where by passing the parliament, the highlights of the budget were released to all the media followed by a brief speech by the Minister finance primarily praising the present government for its achievements and only announcing the so called reliefs provided in the budget. The Budget if studied analytically on the basis of brief details and the speech was so disappointing that though always claiming Pakistans economy to be heavily dependent upon Agriculture, there was no mention whatsoever of any kind under the pretext of its ministry being transferred to the provinces in line with the 18th amendment. The Budget 2011-2012 is totally anti-farmer as it has talked nothing about the RGST imposed through an ordinance on Agri Inputs, tractors, and implements ,neither any mention is there about any special allocation for research and or incentives to the agri sector for adopting latest trends and technologies. But leaving aside Agriculture boasting a hefty 24% in the GDP ,the emphasis in the budget has been increase in the salaries of Government servants by 15% and increase in the allowances by 25%.One can define this budget of hiccups and speed breakers as it is so unbalanced that on one side it talks about the government expenses to be 28 Trillion Rupees while estimates the resources to be Rs 25 trillion. The budget gives relief to cement industry by reducing the excise duty and also spells out the reduction or abolishing regulatory duty on 392 items out of a total of 397. The good point in the budget has again been raise in exemption of tax limit by a paltry 50000 rupees increasing it to 350000 Rupees. There is mention of a subsidy of 166 Billion Rupees on electricity but how will it be granted is a big question mark. The announced inflation rate is manipulated on the basis of selective and choicest items in the basket. The tax receipts have been fixed at very ambitious 2732 billion, in which FBR target is fixed at 1952 Billion against the so far collected around Rs 1200 billion only. Nobody can deny that government needs resource generation through various taxation measures, for which there are some positive steps like the identification of more than 2 Million new tax payers out which 750,000 are under scrutiny and notices to 70000 potential assesses have been sent ,from which Government estimates to collect more than 3 Billion Rupees. To sum up from a common mans perspective with decisions like increase in the prices of electricity, gas already announced there is no relief and the budget seems t be a most unbalanced one made to meet the demands of the loaning agencies like IMF,etc, and envisioning no positive productive indicators to encourage the people of Pakistan to come forward and participate with the Government in rebuilding economy Once again as often pointed out the Government despite being democratic adopts policies in the most autocratic and dictatorial manner by taking unilateral decisions and deliberately ignoring the real stake holders such as farmers of Pakistan a 70% majority.