LAHORE - The budget is supposed to be the most secret document till it is announced in parliament, but the PPP-led coalition miserably failed to ensure its secrecy on Friday. The federal cabinet was still in session to formally approve various allocations and taxation proposals when some TV channels leaked the speech the finance minister was supposed to make before the National assembly. The channels not only made public the amounts set aside for various sectors, but also the taxation measures. Interestingly, before the finance minister started his speech in the house, some channels had already given even experts views on the new budget. No government functionary felt any embarrassment on what can be regarded as a major lapse. The same was the case with the Economic Survey 2010-11, formally announced on Thursday. All important portions of the survey were published by the media a few days ago. The most disturbing thing is that even the opposition did not raise the issue in the house. The opposition continued to raise slogans through the finance ministers speech, but no member asked how the budget speech of the finance minister or the portions of the Economic Survey were available to the media before their formal announcement.