our STAFF REPORTER ISLAMABAD President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce Mehfooz Elahi has said the government has totally neglected the business community in the current budget presented in the parliament on Friday. The budget has brought none for the business community which need electricity, GDP growth rate plan and other incentives to help boost economy, he said. While talking to TheNation following budget speech, he said that business community has criticised the government for not introducing any concrete plan for increasing the tax-to-GDP ratio. Pakistan is facing multiple internal and external challenges as Pakistans total debt has doubled and fiscal deficit was growing at fast pace, the Government should have taken proactive measures in consultation with the business community to make the budget, he added. We expected the new Budget should be growth-oriented, however, contrary to this, business community fears a major blow in the days to come. Rather than focusing on infrastructure development and construction of water reservoirs and dams to address energy problems, the government has not devised any policy to improve power and electricity conditions.