VEHARI - Vehari city area is occupied by unlawful bus and taxi stands and the administration is reportedly doing nothing in this regard. At the General Bus Stand, there are scores of unlawful bus stands. The illegal stands cause accidents and inconvenience for the people who use the roads for entry and exit because presence of these buses make the entry and exit points narrow for traffic. Power International Bus Service and Danewal Coaches and Gujjar Bus Service are the main trespassers of the bus stand. According to sources, the government officials concerned get Rs 3,000 per day from every bus service as bribe and allow them to stand buses wherever they want. On the main railway gate and in front of DPO office there are hundreds of cars being parked illegally. This is the responsibility of district government to eliminate these stands but unfortunately neither the police nor the government are doing their job. Responding to a question DPO Ali Nasir Rizve said, We are ready to start a crackdown against such type of parking lots and there will be no relief for the responsible either they are ordinary citizens or police officials.