ISLAMABAD-Federal government has earmarked Rs 5800 million in the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2011-12 for 104 on-going development schemes and 31 new development schemes of Ministry of Interior to improve the over all law and order situation in the country. Out of the total allocated amount, Rs 51 million will be managed through foreign loans while Rs 5749 million will be generated from the governments local resources. Under PSDP for fiscal 2011-12, Rs 4536.274 million have been allocated for 104 on-going development schemes of the Ministry of Interior in which Rs 0.500 million will be arranged through foreign loans. Similarly, Federal government will spend Rs 1263.726 million on the 31 new development schemes of the Ministry and out of which Rs 50.500 million will be borrowed from foreign countries. Among the on-going development schemes, Rs 220.586 million will be spent on Integrated Border Management System (IBMS), Rs 102 million on project of raising of Balochistan Constabulary, Rs 300 million each for the establishment of National Forensic Science Agency (Headquarters) as well as Islamabad Laboratory and Pakistan Automated Fingerprint Identification System Phase II (PAFIA) while Rs 10 million will be incurred on improvement of police record & office management information system. Similarly, the government has allocated Rs 150 million for procurement of non-Intrusive Vehicle X-ray system (NVIS), Rs 60 million and Rs 900 million for Machine Readable Passport/ Machine Readable Visa Projects; Phase-I & Phase-II respectively, for Machine Readable Passport/ Machine Readable Visa Project (Phase-II), Rs 81.173 million for hardware and software upgradation of National Data Warehouse at NADRA Headquarters, Rs 497.048 million for Islamabad Development Package, Rs 30 million for the construction of judicial & administration complex ICT, Islamabad and Rs 20 million have been allocated for the renovation of two Rural Health Centers (RHCs) and Four Basic Health Units (BHUs) in Islamabad. Under PDSP 2011-12 for the new development schemes, the Federal government has allocated Rs 300 million for National Response Center for Cyber Crime (NR3C) Islamabad (Phase-II), Rs 16 million for procurement of NVIS (Phase-II), Rs 186.032 million for Safe City Project (China) and Rs 15 million will be spent for provision of security infrastructure in Malakand, Swat and other conflict areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In the previous fiscal 2010-11, the Ministry of Interior had launched three important projects for the improvement of law and order in the country. First project costing Rs 4.1 billion was the raising of Balochistan Constabulary that meant to add 6000 new personnel in the force. The second project was related to conversion of 'B areas into 'A areas in Balochistan with the total cost of Rs 5.5 billion ,however, the government of Balochistan had later converted all the districts into 'B areas. The third project was about the procurement/installation of Non-Intrusive Vehicles X-Ray Inspection System (NVIS) costing as a Phase-I Rs 1 billion.