This is the only word which applies very aptly to allthe ailments of our country. May it be poor governance orterrorists attacks on our vital installations. We have poor governance because the country does not have competent rulers. The rulers are there through bogus elections and incompetent election commission. Majority of our MPs are in the assemblies either through riggingor getting bogus votes. It has been established that about 47 million registered voters are bogus which were polled in the last general elections (the case is already in the Supreme Court). Some members got elected by producingfake degrees in 2008 general elections which shows their character qualities. The major decisions by the rulers are taken unilaterally or by the kitchen cabinet without debating in the assemblies. The word "consultation" does not exist in the dictionary of the rulers who continue to take wrong decisions toconstitute commissions or committees of people of their own likingor those who would produce results according to their wishes. Similarly, some incompetent and unqualified blue eyed persons are appointedas heads of very important organizations. On realizing their mistakes, the government mostly takes U-turns by reversing the decision for the face saving. Everyday one finds a new scandal in a government department for which either a suo moto notice is taken by the Chief Justice or opposition asks for forming a commission to know the facts. Then a game of hide and seek starts as the government uses delaying tactics and no results come out. Therefore, when wehave a team of incompetent people who do not know their job, the results are obvious. It is a complete mess in the country and one does not find any governance what to talk of good governance which is a far cry.As regards, war against terrorism, it is purelyintelligence operations as the enemy is not visible or defined. Here too we have incompetent people who have no aptitude for intelligence work. If they have a mole in each terrorist outfit duly cultivated, many fatal incidents could have been avoided.Either our intelligence people have been bought by our enemy agencies (double agents)or they are incompetent. The counter intelligence has to be very strong who should find out who is working for whom. Our home minister whoclaims to be master of everything is good for nothing except being present everywhere on special plane and making hoax claims on reaching terrorists. He should have resigned after Raymond Davis case as he was found to be a contractor of CIA (a black water agent). Rehman Malik announced this on electronic media that he would resign if there was one man of Black Water (Xe services or any such organization)in the country. Our intelligence and counter intelligence operations have totally failed. On every failure, heads must have rolled. But so far no one has resigned or dismissed from service for his/her failure. All are enjoying perks and privileges of their respective positions. They will keep on enjoying all this pomp and show with bullet proof cars, protocol, tight security cordonsand freeaircrafts till 2013. No one bothers about the pathetic condition of common man who has been pushed to the wall. Let the public go to hell and starve to death as long as the rulers are having best of the time of their life. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, June 2.